Meet Two Mediums at Large!

We are deeply committed to enhancing lives for everyone, with a healthy, fun, and personal approach. Patricia and Marlene are ‘Two Mediums at Large” and improve the Lives, the Health, the Relationships, and the Businesses for everyone seeking GUIDANCE and TRANSFORMATION.

We know that GETTING YOUR ANSWERS is the key to living a full life, and we ASSIST YOU to GET THOSE ANSWERS, and then to actually TRANSFORM the ENERGY around them to GET THE RESULTS YOU’RE LOOKING FOR!

We are both Experts with various Certifications in Energy Medicine, Bodywork, and Optimal Health, and dynamic examples for how you can live the life you really desire. Health, Wealth & Happiness are our Birthright, and also the Elements of a Sexy Lifestyle!

“Six and a half years ago I suffered a severe head injury. When I became aware of my surroundings and situation, I could not walk, talk, think, or use a toilet. As part of my recovery therapy, I was treated by Patricia. She provided me with Energy Therapy and Physical Therapy procedures. She helped me to connect all parts of my body to my brain. I can walk, talk, think, and use the toilet by myself. I have become more devotional to my religion. I am able to pray and lead a Service. I also teach a class at the Synagogue. Prior to my injury I was a Dentist, Author, Researcher, and University Professor. I have regained many parts of my old self. I continue to see Patricia for her care.

I thank her,”

-Umberto d’ Cherry Hill

“Marlene has been on my healing team for a year, she does beautiful supportive work and has been an essential part of an ‘interesting’ year… I’m heeling better, happier and more energetic since working on these things, some of which I didn’t even know were an issue. Thanks for all your help.

P.s. I’m still in denial about middle age, I’m just considering growing up! lol

Fears are mainly health related”

-J x