Your Life & Purpose

Your Business & Money

Your Relationships

Meet Two Mediums at Large!

We are deeply committed to enhancing lives for everyone, with a healthy, fun, and personal approach. Patricia and Marlene are ‘Two Mediums at Large” and improve the Lives, the Health, the Relationships, and the Businesses for everyone seeking GUIDANCE and TRANSFORMATION.

We know that GETTING YOUR ANSWERS is the key to living a full life, and we ASSIST YOU to GET THOSE ANSWERS, and then to actually TRANSFORM the ENERGY around them to GET THE RESULTS YOU’RE LOOKING FOR!

We are both Experts with various Certifications in Energy Medicine, Bodywork, and Optimal Health, and dynamic examples for how you can live the life you really desire.

Health, Wealth & Happiness are our Birthright. Your Answers, and Transformation are Available Now!

Our Goal

WHERE DO People GO for ANSWERS to WHAT IS NOT WORKING in their Life, or Business, or in their Relationships?

Many will go to their DOCTOR. Sometimes they get a diagnosis that feels right to them, and a treatment that is aligned with their lifestyle and budget, and then experience relief or a resolution.

Many do not.

Many turn to a PSYCHIC, and they DO GET ANSWERS. Some of course are better than others, and provide practical solutions they can take away and apply.

Many do not.

Our focus is to PROVIDE YOU with YOUR ANSWERS, similar to a great Psychic, AND to PROVIDE YOUR RESULTS, similar to a great Doctor!

Yes, we do!

WE make it more personal.

How We Help You

Our first step is to do a Complimentary Initial Reading. You will receive a short questionnaire asking some basic questions to get an idea where you are looking for insight.

Then you will be taken to our scheduler where you will Reserve a Complimentary 20 minute Session with one of us Personally!

We look at your reply then we read your energy field to discover what area of your life your body is telling us about. Then WE PROVIDE YOU WITH YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION so you can understand your situation and what to do to transform that area of your life into more desirable results.

Many people request us to Transform the Energy of that issue so they can get relief.

The Readings are Limited, only a few slots are available per month.

Why Transforming Your Energy is Key

Matter Follows Energy.

Your unique well being is about fully optimizing the energy of your physical, mental, spiritual, financial and professional abilities.

Being free to pursue your passion with clear direction, with your mind in the right place is key to a fuller, richer life aligned on purpose.

Financial abundance comes from making correct choices in your business or profession, and knowing what to focus on to get that raise, or attract more clients and make more money.

A balanced, bliss-filled love life bursting with happiness is your birthright, and is available to you when you know what to pursue, and how to go after it.

When you no longer worry about, and suffer from aches and pains, and bouts of illness and disease, you are free to live out a harmonious expanding experience of joy, connected to, and living out your greatness.

You can be the guiding light to your family and friends, expressing your desires fully on the exciting, unfolding path of your choosing.


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