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What’s Possible for You, that you Haven’t Considered Before?

Life is stressful, and you may have large choices to make, but in your present state of mind you may feel lost, wthout clarity, and wind up basing your decisions on the past. This could be a BIG Mistake! Your conscious is only going with what it knows, which is a small drop in the bucket compared to what is actually out there. Your ego gets involved to keep you safe as best it knows how, and you can miss opportunities that are right there for you.

Maybe you’re concerned about the cost of something, or the hopelessness of a situation showing no way out. 2Mediums at Large can get an intuitive knowing for you and once revealed, it just somehow feels right to you, and a different future may soon unfold with an unexpected outcome.

Why haven’t you considered these things before? Our conscious is often clouded by the current limited range of options. We may not be open due to a limited view of what is possible in our current reality to be able to see things too far from that perspective. When you are in a fearful situation, it’s usually not possible to look past the boundaries of the problem that could solve the issue and relieve your worries.

When you get assistance with the ‘bigger picture’ from someone who can see your past and present, offer a reason for ‘why’ you’ve been doing what you’re doing, and can read your field about the future, that can provide some very interesting information about yourself! You can start planning for that new career, that new relationship, talents you didn’t know about, or a happy future. Instead of staying on your current path, your life literally can turn around and progress towards more fulfillment and joy.

Being aligned to your purpose, or finally seeing the direction that is best for you, can be that fork in the road that proved to be the real game changer in your life. It may be getting confirmation or validation to stay the course of what you’re doing, or a suggestion to pursue something more in sync with your desires, providing that link to your future.

The Sky’s Not the Limit!

What are Your Money Blocks?

Do you even know where to begin to look? Most people have NO IDEA! It may be a shock for you to discover YOU could be in the way of your own inability to have financial abundance. Not your boss, and not your parents, although they may be partly involved currently, or in the past. What are the behaviors that aren’t serving you? What are you the most fearful about when it comes to money and how you save it and spend it? What is blocking your ability to get out of a bad situation?

Getting the information can remove the blinds on why you’ve been taking the actions, or inactions you have. Identifying how you resist change can free you from those same patterns in the future.

What if your realization just doesn’t cut it, and you continually allow past traumas to affect you in your current life? 2Mediums at Large has the gifts required to not only zero in on your blocks, and also dissolve them for you! When this happens you are no longer operating by the grip of the past, and open to make new choices based on what feels good to you in the present, opening the way to a happier and more prosperous outcome.
The Sky’s Not the Limit!

How’s Your DNA, Really?

What if you knew the language of the DNA living in your cells? Your genetic code is a language that communicates within the cell, and between your cells. But, did you know that offspring can inherit experiences that were origionally acquired by previous generations, or your ancestors? In fact, you’ve inherited the memory of those or other events!

Biologists of the Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Emory University have proven the fact that the transfer of experience involves epigenetic mechanisms, which depend on the degree of methylation of certain DNA fragments which is transmitted through sperm, causing the experience to be inherited, and creating brain structures that are necessary for the experience of the ancestors.

This can explain phobias, feelings of having been somewhere before where we’ve never traveled to in our lives, and the propensity of contracting certain ailments, fears, being overweight, among other things. Study and research has revealed that trauma can affect the expression or suppression of certain genes, not only for the person involved, but also for succeeding generations.

Is the past really the past? Can the effects of ancesteral suffering, hunger, hopelessness, despair and rage be passed on to you and me? Was your great great grandfather a thief? Can that explain your urge to take things that aren’t yours? Strange behavior and weird hobbies could also be clues of familial ‘ghosts in the closet’. Denial, depression, anxiety or silence may be the ways people cope with these feelings that they cannot identify, and keep them stuck in old repeatable patterns.

Scientists tell us that epigenetic effects are reversible, and suggest specific drugs or treatment programs.

DNA Memory exists in all of us. 2Mediums at Large has the ability to read your DNA and translate the messages, and what it could mean to you. But, what if you don’t want a certain gene, or you no longer want to be afraid of heights, or continually suffer with something? What if you don’t want drugs and psychoanalysis? What if you could design your own NEW DNA?

The Sky’s Not the Limit!